penzai.treescope.figures.wrap_as_treescope_figure(value: Any) part_interface.RenderableTreePart[source]#

Converts an arbitrary object to a renderable treescope part if possible.

Behavior depends on the type of value:

  • If value is an instance of RendersAsRootInIPython, returns it unchanged, since it knows how to render itself.

  • If value is a string, returns a rendering of that string.

  • If value has a _repr_html_ method (but isn’t an instance of RendersAsRootInIPython), returns an embedded iframe with the given HTML contents.

  • Otherwise, renders the value using the default treescope renderer, but strips off any top-level comments / copy button annotations.

The typical use is to provide helper constructors for containers to allow rendering lots of different objects in the “obvious” way.


value – Value to wrap.


A renderable treescope part showing the value.