penzai.treescope.handlers.canonical_alias_postprocessor.replace_with_canonical_aliases(node: Any, path: tuple[Any, ...] | None, node_renderer: renderer.TreescopeSubtreeRenderer, summarization_threshold: int = 20)[source]#

Rewrites objects to use well-known aliases when known.

This rendering hook checks if the object is a well-known object exported by a public API, and if so, makes its short representation be its path in that API rather than its repr.

Objects are looked up in canonical_aliases to determine if there is a specific alias registered for them. If not, but the object defines __module__ and __qualname__ attributes, these are used to determine the canonical alias instead.

For objects whose fully-qualified name is longer than summarization_threshold, we shorten it when collapsed or not in roundtrip mode.

  • node – The node that has been rendered

  • path – Optionally, a path to this node as a string.

  • node_renderer – The inner renderer for this node. This should be used to render node itself into HTML tags.

  • summarization_threshold – Threshold at which to omit the fully-qualified name except in roundtrip mode.


A possibly-modified representation of this object, or NotImplemented.